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IMG_8115People have usually heard about hypnotism at one point in their lives or another. They may have heard it discussed in a news program or documentary. It may have been featured in the story of a television show or movie. One of the questions that people ask is, “Does it actually work?” To that, I can give the clear answer that, “Yes, it does work.” From there, the next question that is usually asked is, “What is it good for?” or “What is it actually used for, in real life?” To those kinds of questions, I usually give examples of uses for hypnosis that show just how useful or even vital hypnotism can be.

For instance, there are people who suffer from severe phobias so that their fears are negatively impacting their quality of life. A person might have a fear of heights, which is so strong that he is extremely distressed just by the thought of taking an elevator up a tall building. There are also people who have a phobia, which causes them to fear being around crowds or going to places with many people. The fear can be almost paralyzing or debilitating so that it is very difficult for a person to be exposed to the situation, even gradually. This is one of the scenarios where there are significant uses for hypnosis.

Hypnotism and hypnotherapy can be very helpful in dealing with phobias. The hypnotism allows me to take a person to a much more relaxed and controlled state. At the same time, people who have been hypnotized are much more open to a discussion of the phobia, to imagining the scenario that causes fear, and to working through the fear. This is a clear example of one of the solid uses for hypnosis. Now, this does not mean that hypnotism will be some sort of instant solution to existing and deeply entrenched phobias. However, given enough time and given enough hypnotism sessions, real progress can be made in terms of overcoming the fear.

Hypnotism can also be used in a similar way to treat other problematic conditions. These additional uses for hypnosis include dealing with stress and anxiety, helping a person finds his or her way after a particularly traumatic experience, and helping a person to deal with the problem of grief and the sense of loss that comes after losing someone. In these situations, I can help the person to achieve a more relaxed and open state, which will help the person to begin to work through the problem.

These are only some of the uses for hypnosis. There are others such as helping to alleviate or take away the sensation of physical pain, as well as overcoming existing vices. What is clear is that hypnotism offers many benefits, and so this is something that people should consider.