What is Hypnosis?


What is Hypnosis?

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The History of Hypnosis

Hypnosis dates back to the beginning of the civilization. The word comes from the Greek word “ypnos”, meaning sleep. However, when a person is in a state of hypnosis, they are not sleeping. The subject is alert, able to move and talk. The first concrete proof of hypnosis can be traced back to 1600s when people used hypnotic methods to calm down chickens. They hypnotized those using wood shavings, which the chickens balanced on their beaks.

The experiments and revelations lasted well into the 20th century with the acceptance of autosuggestion and the impact it can have on a person. Broadly speaking, autosuggestion is based on the fact that one should think positive. That way we achieve goals easier. During World War II hypnosis was used to prepare soldiers to get back on the battlefield, because it decreased the levels of stress. In 1948, Hypnodontia was introduced. That is combining hypnosis and dentistry. The list of uses for hypnosis goes on and on, but what about the modern use of hypnosis? How can it help us on our path to leading healthier and happier lifestyles?

Hypnosis Today

A logical question arises – what is the purpose of hypnosis today? Basically, it is used to bypass the conscious mind. The conscious mind will sometimes prevent a positive thought from being implemented into the mind. Unlike the conscious mind, the unconscious or subconscious mind is susceptible to suggestions. Unlike popular opinion, you are more in control whilst you are in the state on unconscious than when you are conscious. If your subconscious mind is finding some suggestion to be unacceptable, it will reject the thought because it is highly rational in decision-making.

Another myth worth breaking is the wide-spread opinion that you can remain in the hypnotic state, i.e. get stuck in it. That is entirely not true – the worst that can happen is that you fall asleep and wake up normal, refreshed and enriched by the experience. And another thing – you cannot be hypnotized against your will.

What is Hypnosis Used for Today?

There is a myriad issue that people struggle with on a daily basis. It can be anxiety, eating disorders, depression, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, biting nails, stress, and so on. All these issues are based in the unconscious mind, and they can only be resolved on that level. It is almost impossible to deal with these problems through conscious effort alone. This is where hypnosis comes in. It treats all this issues by getting the unconscious and conscious minds saying the same thing. Let’s provide an example. There is the question of phobias. When a person has a phobia, an object or situation that creates the phobia is labeled as literally life-threatening. Hypnosis helps diminish phobias in such a way that it reframes the object or situation in a more realistic manner, as something that is safe.