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The Secrets Of Persuasion

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The Secrets Of Persuasion

To Maximize Your Success

Using Neuro-Acceleration TrainingTM, NLP, Hypnosis, Subliminal Persuasion and High Tech Communication Skills!

Written By Daniel J. Olson

Edited by Dean A. Montalbano


You have picked up this book because you have some interest in sales techniques. You are reading it now, have some importance attached to these ideas, and may be wondering what and how they will benefit you. As you continue to read, learn and enjoy yourself completely, so too will you increase your success and enjoyment of what you do in ways that might even surprise you.

There are many challenges facing the sales person in society today. Customers have increasingly high expectations and desires which talented salespeople MUST discover if they wish to in achieve their goal. Hundreds of less effective training courses have been developed over the years which excite, and at times mislead. With the millennium approaching, it is more important than ever to find the real skills which can allow one to move into a new century with greater success and greater ability to meet the expectations of the client.

The world is filled with success stories of those who have learned these skills and found ways to put them into use within their own fields. Increased selling and success means being able to really feel good about one’s self and one’s ability to effectively present a product or service in a way that the customer can discover how beneficial it can be to them. The Successful Money Making Sales Person knows how important all of these skills are to effective communication, rapport building, and money making; they see ways to take all of these tools in hand and use them in a way that sounds right to everyone. You too, CAN use the information within this book to break through blockades in your life which have been limiting the success you have envisioned but which has always been just out of your reach. By the end of this book, when one has accessed all the potentials both inside and out, one can expect to begin seeing dramatic increases in Sales Success and a positive turn in the feelings, attitudes and sense of vision one holds towards the work, the products, the services and the success that one will experience in the new millennium!

Money Making Sales People Know These Secrets!
The Secrets of Selling With Hypnosis.

On one side of the coin, we have people who specialize in communicating with others, the sales person. For years there have been good sales people and GREAT sales people; often, what set them apart was a very intangible set of skills and abilities that allowed them to somehow "Just Make The Sale" without knowing exactly how they were able to do it. This asset can become a liability, however, when one needs to adapt the skills one already has to fit a new situation or product. If one has no awareness of HOW one is successful, it makes it nearly impossible to duplicate that success in other contexts, or to adapt it to other types of clients.

On the other side of the coin we have people who specialize in communicating with others, the hypnotist. The hypnotist makes a living by getting people to do things they don’t wish to do. They persuade them to stop smoking or exercise with success, when for years these people have failed. The difference in these two sides of a similar coin is that the hypnotist spends a great deal of time learning HOW what they do works.

Another skill which hypnotists must have is that of modelling- observing people and what they do in such a way as to be able to duplicate it. By modelling excellence, we too can become excellent at everything that we do. The tools of the hypnotists are: language and understanding of the unconscious. In understanding the HOW behind the Success, people can trancelate their skills and talents into other areas and be even more successful.

The unconscious, or subconscious mind is the key driver behind most every decision, behavior and action- including that of making a decision to buy. It is the unconscious mind which blinks our eyes, gives us a "gut feeling" and which protects our interests, at least as it understands them. The unconscious mind is aware on many more subtle levels than the conscious mind, and is handling more information, at this very moment, than the conscious mind could even imagine. By speaking with a client’s unconscious mind, can create tremendous gains in the effectiveness of our communication with them. Bottom line - if we talk to the part of them that is in the driver’s seat - we make the sale and make the money! Neuro-Acceleration Trainingtm, Hypnosis, NLP and Subliminal Selling - What They Are And Are Not.

Hypnosis, simply stated, is a process in which we communicate more directly with the unconscious mind and in which we state things in a way that is clearer than normal. Hypnosis is a tool by which we help guide people toward their desired outcome. Hypnosis can not be used for mind control, and it is very challenging to take someone who is dead against something and use hypnotic skills to guide them toward it. This is an ethical safety valve since if someone simply is NOT going to buy, then they shall not. However, it is a safe presupposition that if they have come to you as a customer, then a part of them wants to make a purchase, and with these skills you can communicate with THAT part. Hypnosis is a form of selective communication in which we speak to those parts of the person which are moving in a positive way and de-sensitize the parts that would sabotage the individuals true desires to purchase.

NLP, which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a way of modelling and understanding language. It was developed by two men, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, in the early Seventies. It evolved into a system which affords the professional communicator a greater insight into how we as human beings work, how we perceive our world, how we code experiences and how we motivate ourselves. By using NLP techniques we can communicate more effectively, learn how people make a decision to purchase, and then use their "Purchasing Strategy" as our model for successful selling.

Subliminal Selling is a series of techniques which communicated at levels just below our conscious threshold.

Neuro-Acceleration Training tm is a synthesis of Sales hypnosis, NLP and Subliminal Selling, put into a format which creates both internal and external results. Internal is the ability to "walk the talk" and have your body language match your words. This allows the message AND the messenger to be congruent.

The External Results are learning and understanding the language patterns, techniques and words which will help MAKE YOUR SELLING a SUCCESS.

A Part Of Our Lives, Each And Every Day.

Trance is part of our everyday lives, as is language. As you learn the skills within this book in an effective manner, you will become more aware of how they can both help and hurt an effective sales presentation. They are so common and universal that they become a natural doorway through which we can access the unconscious mind for easier communication. Any time we "zone out" while driving or seem to loose track of time while watching TV we are in a trance state. Trance is a period when our conscious mind is aside, or lost in some task, and the unconscious mind is doing the "driving" so to speak. Other types of trance that occur naturally happen when we are having a WONDERFUL time and time seems to fly by, or when we are so absorbed in a task that we don’t notice a stubbed toe or cut ankle until much later.

Time distortion, amnesia, and anesthesia are all examples of what are deemed "Deep trance Phenomena" and yet we have each experienced these things with our eyes wide open- that is because trance is NOT sleep. With a knowledge of these naturally existing trance states, in conjunction with understanding how to access and CREATE trance, we can communicate with our clients in a more effective and much more persuasive way.

Rapport, a sense of whether we are like or unlike someone, is also built on unconscious levels. How many times have we met someone who we just couldn't stand and realize later that it was because they had our wicked step-brother's voice or their perfume reminded us of an ex-lover? These unconscious observations are effective at creating feelings and states that can be powerful allies when used to BUILD rapport and guide a sales pitch to the positive conclusion.

Making What One Says Practically IRRESISTIBLE!

When people like us, they have a greater likelihood of doing what we suggest and believing what we say. Part of how they judge whether they like us or not, whether we have rapport, comes from what we say consciously; but a greater portion of how we arejudged comes from unconscious perceptions. With understanding of the unconscious mind, how one can create rapport on other than conscious levels, the Successful Millennium Sales Person can take a customer who seemed to dislike them, and become likened to their best friend; who wouldn't buy from their BEST FRIEND! Hypnotic pacing and rapport building skills are a part of the complex puzzle which can make this possible.

Deep down, we all seek someone who is like us, with whom we can communicate, and feel like we are REALLY making some kind of connection. These are the people we pick to be our very closest friends, why not also make them our clients!

Another technique which will prove valuable is learning to speak the customer's language. We have all had the frustrating experience of talking to a sales person, mechanic or doctor and discovering that although we seem to be using the same language, we just are NOT understanding each other. As you develop your skills with hypnotic language patterns, and improve upon your ability to listen to the customer and use their language, your customers will have a greater sense that you understand them. As these puzzle pieces slowly come together within one's every day sales techniques, they form a beautiful picture which becomes almost irresistible to the customer. The allurement which can be generated through these techniques takes on a tempting tone that calls to the customer and says, "Hey- come buy from this guy! You'll feel good if you do!" Much like reading this book.


In hypnosis, sales, or any type of persuasive communication, it is vital to have a goal, a sense of what you are going after, and more importantly, how you will know when you have it. If we do not have a goal in mind, then we can not know for certain when we have achieved it. As a salesperson, the goal, or "outcome" as it is called in NLP, is to find buyers. One might add that one's goal is "To Sell a Good Product or service to people who want it and who will be pleased with their purchase." The bottom line still remains to sell. If one is selling a lousy product that isn't worth it and scamming the public, there is a certain part of them which no doubt must make it difficult to sleep at night and which will likely drive them to find a better product or service to represent, one which they can feel good about for a change- but that is only a suggestion. The goal of the customer may be to save money, to be safe, to be happy, to get in and out fast, to enjoy the buying process, to make a WISE decision and to be treated fairly. The goal of the Successful Millennium Sales Person is to discover the goal of the customer and combine that goal with his or her own, so that BOTH goals may be fulfilled. The resulting win/win situation is one in which the Successful Millennium Sales Person gets their sale and the customer gets what they wanted in a way that they can be glad to tell their friends about. They will also tell them all about YOU, the wonderful Millennium Sales Person who showed them the light and helped them grasp the understanding they need about the product to feel they had made a sound purchase. Each time they hear the click of the switch, the ring of the bell, or the slam of the door, they can think to themselves, "Wow! I loved that salesperson! When can I buy something from them again."

The goals of this book are to present the principles and techniques of hypnosis and NLP as they apply to the area of sales persuasion in a way that the average salesperson can begin putting them into use slowly and methodically. The text has been written using many hypnotic language patterns and at times may see oddly worded- and this is entirely with intent. While the conscious mind gains much understanding, the unconscious mind will also be learning and recording this information as notes which will be retrieved and used when they are most important, almost automatically. Along the way you will be exposed to various pieces of information meant to inspire, to enlighten and to make you laugh- since if one can't have fun within one's life and one's job, what is the point? You have picked up this book because you have some interest in sales techniques, you are reading it now and have some importance attached to these ideas and may be wondering what and how they will benefit you. As you continue to read, learn and enjoy yourself completely, so too will you increase your success and enjoyment of what you do in ways that might even surprise you.

And so, FORWARD... into a new millennium of SALES SUCCESS!!! NOW!!!

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NLP Sales Book


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